!!Breaking News!! Our game is now on steam greenlight!

This page feature the (old) original demo. You can check out the new demo here:


A puzzle game where you have to defuse bombs under a time constraint. Analyze the way the electronic board functions to identify the wire that will disable the countdown. But make no mistake as cutting the wrong wire might trigger the bomb!

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Published1 year ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Mac OS X, Linux, HTML5
Tags30-seconds, bomb, electronic, explosion, logic, thirty-seconds, timer
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

Unzip and play!


TheBombSquadAcademy.zip (44 MB)
TheBombSquadAcademy.app.zip (46 MB)
TheBombSquadAcademyLinux.zip (47 MB)


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Very promising! I look forward to seeing this as a full-length game. I agree with a previous commenter that the 3D movement doesn't seem to achieve anything; you don't rotate it enough to matter, just enough to be distracting. In real life, I would tend to put the thing down on a table anyway.

Thank you for your feedback! We are still working on a update and are finally getting close to release it. We have made dozen of new levels and the game is a lot more polished :)

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You may want to try our new version here: https://systemic-games.itch.io/bomb-squad-academy

Very good game, I was using my brain once again. :D but its little bit short.

Our new demo is available here: https://systemic-games.itch.io/bomb-squad-academy

We are also on Greenlight :)

Interesting. Although I don't really like how the graphics look (it's kind of confusing and the 3D seems pointless), the game itself is quite nice. It might even be usable as a educational game for electronics students!

Thanks! We are still working on it, expect some new levels in the coming months!

This game is fucking amazing. Please make more levels.

Thank you! We are working on it :)


Congratulations on that very cool game.